The Media Development Lounge actually has 3 addresses: our London office, our registered address and our Spanish office, where our team is based. Our London office at 180 Piccadilly is where our PA Erica is based. She takes all of our incoming calls and connects them to wherever the members of our team may be on the planet. We are a small team that travels extensively to client meetings and film festivals etcetera.    

Most of our client meetings are split between here and in studios and locations chosen by the Directors and Producers that we represent. 

The Media Development Lounge operates an open-door policy. We can meet clients at any time at any of our offices or in their country of residence.



There are many reasons for this, some business based and some lifestyle related. Most importantly though, The Media Development Lounge’s team has families and young children that all enjoy the stunning weather, exceptionally high standard of schools and the more relaxed and high quality of life that Marbella offers. In short, it’s a wonderful place to live and work.

Nothing changes with your investment. The Media Development Lounge never handles client funds, and your contract is with the studio that is making the film. We are hired as executive producers or an Introduction Agent and our role is to simply introduce investors to the film studios we represent. Your funds will always be sent directly to the film studio, your contract will be with the film studio. The Media Development Lounge is here to make sure that the entire process is easy, hassle free and even fun.   

Then the journey begins. Once you have transferred your funds you will also need to sign and return the contract that you would have received from The Media Development Lounge on behalf of the film studio. Once that's done you will receive an electronic version of the contract signed by you and the film studio for your records and a hard copy will follow in the post.

The Producer will then work his magic, creating what will become the masterpiece that will then be licensed around the world and screened on your telly.

You will be updated regularly of your documentary’s progress, via telephone and email updates from The Media Development Lounge. You'll be notified of walk-on-part opportunities, set visits and premiers as and when they become available.

Sending your funds is only the beginning and The Media Development Lounge will be with you every step of the way. Feel free to contact us about absolutely anything regarding your investment and we will be happy to help.

Why has the media development lounge got two offices?

No, big studio films have large expenses and even larger budgets. The bigger the budget, the bigger the amount that needs to be recouped for the film just to break even. A studio film has to do exceptionally well across all platforms to generate a good return. 

The average Hollywood studio movie costs $70M with another $40m in marketing. These types of big budgets mean that a film needs to see astronomical returns in order for investors to receive a profit on their investment. 

Finally, it is almost impossible for a private investor to invest in a Hollywood movie that has a range of A-list actors in its cast. These types of movies are not open to the general public.  

For more information on film investment check out The Media Development Lounge’s Downloads page on for our ‘Fingers Crossed Film Making’ report. 

The bottom line is that it is a lot easier to break even and make a profit with a small independent film, and the most profitable genre within film is Documentaries.

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What Happens Once I Have Paid My Money to you (the media development lounge)?

How does The Media Development Lounge get paid or make money?

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Why Is the media development lounge’s Office in SPAIN?

The Media Development Lounge charges a set fee to the Production Studio. We act as an Introduction Agent, nothing more.